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Policies & Procedures



This handbook contains all of the policies and procedures adopted by the Nursery in relation to the care and education of the children within the setting. Please see Word Document on the right for the full policy document





2    Our Vision                                                            

4    Statement of Educational Intent and The EYFS Curriculum

10   Our Partnership with Parents

11   Privacy Notice, Data Protection & Record Keeping Policies

17   Confidentiality, Information Sharing Polices

20   Equipment & Resources Outdoor Learning Policies

21   Keyworker Policy

22   Managing Behaviour and Physical Intervention Policies                                             

28   Safeguarding Policy

33   Whistle Blowing and Prevent Duty Policies

36   Device Policy

39   Social Networking, Technology Security & Baby Sitting & Childminding Policies

40   Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Policy.

42   Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy (SEND)

48   Admissions Policy

50   Statement of Fees and Funding and Settling In Policy      

51   Parental Involvement Policy

53   Arrival and Departure Policy                                  

54   Late Collection Policy, Attendance and Absence Policy

54   Health, Safety and Hygiene Policies

57   Risk Assessment and Manual handling Policies

60   Toileting, Nappy Changing and Intimate Hygiene Policies

63   Cleaning, food hygiene, snack and Lunch and Cooking Activities Policies

67   Medical Requirements, Anaphylaxis and Administering Medication Policies

68   Accidents and Incidents Policies

69   Fire, Emergency Evacuation & Critical Incident Policies & Procedures

71   Emergency Closure Policy and Procedure

73   Lockdown Procedure and Lost Child Procedure

76   Child Well Being Policies

79   Outings Policy

80   Complaints Policy                                                                                      

81   Staffing Policies, Student, Volunteer and Visitor Policies           

87   About Our Policies & Reviews

88   Full List Of Individual Policy Inclusions



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