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Since September 2014 we have been using an online system for children’s EYFS records.  We track and assess the children’s progress and development against the 17 Early Learning Goals.  These goals are set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  In the past this has taken the form of hand written notes and photographs which we put in a file for our use and for parents and carers to see throughout their child’s time with us.

Tapestry is a software package that allows us to generate a secure online record of your child’s learning journey.  This includes observations, photographs, next steps and assessments.  Parents and carers are then able to view their child’s records online and contribute to it, making sharing information easier. 

The data is saved in a Cloud server to keep the information safe.  No information gathered is stored on the i-pads or laptops we use.

We have received lots of positive feedback on Tapestry and we like that the parents can see in real time what their children have been doing at the nursery.

More information is available on the website: or in our parental information folder kept in the foyer.

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