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Dear April, Kate and ALL of the FAB teachers

We will never really be able to convey our gratitude to each and every one of you for all your kindness you have given our son.  My boy is ready for big school thanks to you all and he truly could not have been better prepared.  Choosing Whytebeams was the best decision we made and you not only took care of our son on those early days but me too!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Whytebeams is such a special place and we are honoured to heave been in such a caring, capable and loving environment.  Lots of love

Thank you all so much for giving our granddaughter a wonderful two years.  Your care and dedication have been very appreciated - enjoy your very well deserved summer holiday.  Love & best wishes for continued success.

To ALL the Wonderful Whytebeams Ladies

Thank you all so much for being absolute stars and for making this huge and scary milestone in parents' life a beautiful journey.  He has come a long way and came out of his shell a lot since joining Whytebeams and we are forever thankful to you ALL, Best wishes

Dearest Whytebeams family!

We can't thank you enough for the last 3 years and for all you have done for our sons.  Whytebeams is a very special, fun, loving and caring place.  It feels like another home to us and I'm so pleased we will be back!  Until then...We love you all, will miss you dearly, but will be visiting!  Have a wonderful summer, enjoy the break, Love your biggest fans.

Dear Everyone

As I sit here and begin to write I think of all the many drop offs I have done at Whytebeams - It feels very strange to be thinking tomorrow will be a final one.  My daughter has had the best start in her education journey.  The kindness, fun and pure joy she has had during her time with you is unmeasurable.  There is no better place than Whytebeams and it is due to ALL of your hard work, your kindness, knowledge and laughter you share with the children.  Little did I know when I dropped of my first born in 2013, I would make so many life long friends, feel so at home and have all the advice a mum could need on tap!  You have all made it an amazing experience; the shows, the footie, the activities have enriched the children's lives and I am forever grateful for "finding" you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having my 3 children in the Whytebeams family, All our love...

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